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Pain and swelling from arthritis or an injury can make performing simple tasks difficult, such as raising your arms or walking to the store. Get quick, long-lasting relief from joint pain and inflammation with a joint injection from Dr. Aruna Chakrala or Dr. Sangeeta Buddala at Plainsboro Princeton Medical Associates PC, in Plainsboro and Monroe Townships, New Jersey. Women, men, and teens with joint pain who live in Plainsboro, Monroe, or the surrounding areas can call for an appointment or book a consultation online.

Joint Injections Q & A

What is a joint injection?

A joint injection is a procedure in which Dr. Chakrala or Dr. Buddala inject steroids or other medications into your joint to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and restore mobility. Joint injections can be performed on any joint, but are particularly useful in large, frequently used joints or those that bear weight, such as shoulders and knees.

When do I need a joint injection?

If you’re having trouble walking or experience joint pain that doesn’t get better with other therapies, a joint injection can help. You may also benefit from a joint injection if your joints are red, swollen, painful and aren’t moving smoothly or normally.

Contraindications for a joint injection include:

  • A blood infection
  • Poorly controlled diabetes
  • Poorly controlled heart disease
  • Trouble fighting infections
  • A bleeding disorder
  • Taking blood thinners

Does a joint injection hurt?

Before your joint-injection procedure, Dr. Chakrala or Dr. Buddala disinfects and numbs the injection site with topical treatments. The joint injection also contains an anesthetic.

Directly after your treatment, you may notice the pain is gone. This effect is caused by the anesthetic in the injection, and your joint pain may return after a few hours, when the anesthetic has worn off.

Within three to five days, you should notice improved mobility and decreased pain.

What are the benefits of a joint injection?

Joint injections provide quick relief to painful joints, so you can start using them again. You should be able to move the joint normally and without pain for anywhere from several days up to several months after a joint injection.

How often do I need joint injections?

You need another joint injection when the first one doesn’t relieve the pain or restore mobility within two to three weeks. If you don’t feel relief after three injections, then Dr. Chakrala or Dr. Buddala recommends a different kind of therapy.

If you did feel relief and your movement was restored after a joint injection, you can get another treatment if the pain or stiffness returns. However, you shouldn’t have more than three joint injections a year.

When you want to quickly alleviate pain in your shoulder, knee, or other joints, call Plainsboro Princeton Medical Associates for a joint injection, or make your appointment with the online form.